Being numb the whole time – Woodford escort

It does not make sense to me at all to always Chase the one I love. I stop caring when I see people don’t value me and make time with me. I am in the stage of my life where I just want to be around with peopling who love and care for me. I don’t have to argue anymore. I’ll accept whatever happens to my life. I am not afraid anymore and I have many years to find the perfect one for me. I am tired of fitting myself to a person or situation that I dint belong at all. I pity myself because I did to me anyway. I let people make fun of me or fool me because I need them. But when your realized that there’s a lot of good things in the world rather than focusing them you’ll see the beauty of it. I’ve been in a relationship for six years now but I just don’t feel reciprocated. it hurts because I treated her everyday like I am falling in love with her. I did my best to always make her happy and give her my all. sometimes no matter what you do for a person if they don’t feel to be with you there’s a lot of reasons that they don’t value you at all. I accept that fact at all. I don’t have to be with this person anymore. I don’t have to insert myself for her to love me. I just go with the flow of my life. I work to live and be happy at my own. I am numb for a long time, I don’t know what’s the difference anymore with happiness and sadness. I feel like the world is always against me and I am accustomed to it. well that is my life few years back. finally I got to meet a good friend Woodford escort from at first I am hesitant with her I just want to be with someone that is stranger to me and just accompany me for a few hours. She tried her best to know me but I was the one who is not feeling it. I still distant myself to people. being hurt a couple of times makes me numb at all. my feelings is no value anymore and I put that on my head. I did not know someone like Woodford escort wants to dig in my life. She wants to know-how I become like this. Woodford escort is the person who brings back my old soul. I am just happy that someone like her came to me and rescue me from doing such carp in my life. Woodford escort became my friend. we hang out a couple of times and slowly know each other. for so many times she tried I slowly open up my life to her. well it feels good to have someone that understand and care for you. someone that don’t see your mistakes but what is in you behind that


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