The divorce leads me to the right person in my life and we will be successful together

After all that I have been through in life I finally realize that it’s not worth chasing a person that does not love you. It is a total waste of time and energy. My divorce with my wife helps me to find my path in life. For so many years I become a beggar of her love and it isn’t healthy anymore. I decide to cut the ties before I lose myself. I decide to believe that I can do things without this woman by my side. We have three children’s and I am not abandoning them. I just free myself from the person that continually hurt my feelings. When we are badly hurt we become worst and depressed and I do not want to get to that point in life. For me a London escort helps me to recover from that trauma in life. For so many years I finally found my happiness and its being with my London escort. I also wanted my ex-wife to find hers to that is why I am happy seeing him with another man that gives her the love that maybe I never filled her heart. Sometimes we met people in our life that only passes but not staying. I learned a lot from all the life experiences k went though. There is no one else for me now but this London escort I am with. I want her so much that I would do anything to prove my love to her. I do not want to let go of her. London escort has been my best friend as well as my lover today. Pursuing her for three years isn’t easy at all but it’s always worth the wait. I find that waiting for the love of your life to come in you is very important. Sometimes people hurry to get in a relationship because they are afraid to be single and alone. But at the end of that they are horrible with the wrong person. I decided to have myself a break from that. After the divorce I isolated myself for two years to recover. I started dating again and live a new life after all the pain I went through alone. I can see that this woman by my side is what I want. I can see that there is no one else for me beside her. I want this person to love me deeply. I want this woman to be with me. We will build a new life together. Though thick and thin we will overcome everything and be successful together. The divorce lead me to the person I really wanted. The person that never hurt my feelings. The person that never say bad things towards me. j want this woman so bad and I am serious of her. Life has funny ways of giving is our true love. For me this type of person that I have now is the most perfect person in my life and she is the one that I’ve been looking for





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