Different Sexual Needs

Can one marriage accommodate different sexual needs? When I got married to my husband, I never thought for one minute that my sexual needs would change. However, after ten years of marriage, I have found that many of my sexual needs have started to change. What I really miss is working for London escorts. I had a great time when I worked for a top class London escorts agency in central London and I miss it like mad. In fact, I think that leaving London escorts may not have been the right decision for me.

My husband thinks that I am a bit of a slut compared to his first wife. I thought that men liked sluts but I am not sure that my slutty approach turns my husband on anymore. When it comes to sex, I like a lot of variation. Some girls like to be penetrated all of the time, but that is not me. Perhaps it comes from London escorts, but I get a kick out of both masturbation and playing with sex toys. Even before I got involved with London escorts I had rather an exciting collection of sex toys.

My husband does not mind my sex toys so much, but he is put off by the fact that I like to masturbate. If he has not managed to satisfy me, I will often masturbate or get one of my favorite sex toys out. To me, it is something which is perfectly natural to do, but my husband thinks that I am a bit kinky. It has surprised me, I honestly thought it was every man’s dream to be married to a kinky girl. Anyway, that is what I learned when I worked for London escorts. But I have been away from London escorts for a long time that I may be out of touch.

Should women feel guilty about wanting to achieve satisfaction? I don’t think that there is any need for women to feel guilty at all. But then I am perhaps more broadminded than other girls that I know. It all comes from working for London escorts and I know that. I have girlfriends who still feel guilty about masturbation and will only masturbate when their husbands are at work. Why should women have to feel like that? I don’t think that is fair at all.

What is the future of my sex life in London? There are some days when I think that everything is going to be okay. My husband has a hard time letting go of the fact that I used to work for a London escorts agency. I thought that I did the right thing by telling him that I worked for an elite London escorts but I am not sure. Maybe I should not have told him. I only did so in case he found out accidentally, but I would actually tell other London escorts not to say anything to their partners.


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