Dating a Minister – Westminster escorts

Girls who do not work for Westminster escorts from often assume that we spend all of our time dating MP’s and government ministers. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have been working for the escorts for about 7 years now and during that time I have never once dated someone from the government. I would say that they are much more likely to date girls from other escort agencies. Dating the girls here in Westminster would be a little bit too obvious, and I think that they may be somewhat smarter.


Most of the time, I think that the gents we date at Westminster escorts are more in line with gents you may date when you work in Belgravia or somewhere like that. Before I worked for the escort agency in Westminster, in worked in Belgravia. We used to date an awful lot of business men, and I think that the same thing goes on here. I do business dates more than anything. But  that does not mean I don’t see them out and about. They keep popping up in the posh restaurants that I go to all of the time.


Would I want to date a minister? I have been thinking about this a lot. Some girls at Westminster escorts would love to date a minister, but that is not for me at all. The problem with ministers and MP’s are that they are a little bit like celebs. They like to be in the limelight all of the time. If you date a minister, you would be rather likely to blow your cover, and it could mean that I would lose all of the other dates, I enjoy at the escort agency in Westminster. It would be too much of a risk.


I also see a lot of government ministers when I go out with the girls from Westminster escorts. It is rather funny. They hang out in all of the bars and clubs in this part of town, and I wonder if they get all of their money back on expenses. Perhaps they call it entertainment or something like that. I am sure that many of them are married, but they do certainly seem to spend a lot of time with young ladies, and even young men.


Working in this part of London can certainly be very interesting, and if I walked around with a camera all of the time, I would be able to snap some amazing photos. But, I am not like that. However, I know rather a few people who have taken photos or kissed and told as they say. All of that is really big business, and if you know the right journalist, I could imagine that you would be able to make a lot of money. You would at least make as much money as you do working for Westminster escorts. But I could not see myself doing that. It would worry me too much – sometimes there are very sinister forces at work here in Westminster.


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