To cheat a London escort is a regret.



To have someone in our life is already a blessing and we should never ignore it. A love so real and sincere is the best gift we could ever receive. Love is a beautiful feeling, and all of us experience it. All of us wants to have a good and better life. We love because it gives us such happiness and joy. When we are in love, it feels like the world is in our favor. Everything goes well in our life, and we care less to negativity. Love taught us to become brave; if we are not strong for ourselves, we can never defend our partner. They are our diamonds in life, and we should never trade them for little happiness. When we are in love, we do our best to have a good future, and so we are motivated on working to it. When we are in love, we seldom think of problems and focus on it; we become positive that instead of drowning with difficulties we instead find a better solution. We want our partner to appreciate us. We try to improve ourselves and do more about life. When we are in love, we are inspired to take on any challenges and face it. Our relationship should be a source of happiness and strength, a joy that enters in every part of us. Love has good effects for us, as we are happy, we are also conscious on our image and so we engaged ourselves to healthy living. Love eases the burden we feel and gave us the strength to continue to live. We become stress-free.


Honesty and loyalty are essential in every relationship to work if you want to have a successful connection to each other learn to be faithful. One of the wrong moves of people is to cheat on their partner and trash all their memories together. And just what like I did. I am so lucky enough that I had found her, someone who believes in me when no one did. Someone who gave light to my world and my path. I was frustrated with my parents, they always look at me as a failure and have no purpose for them. They always say that I have no future and just an embarrassment to them. And so I moved out to our home. I go to London and meet Melissa; she is a London escort. We have developed to each other, and so we have a smooth relationship. But I betray her, I cheated with her and lost her trust. And no matter what I do she will never accept me again, after our break-up, I never saw her again or contact. To cheat with a London escort is a regret.


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