Reading escorts are my therapist.



There are a lot of things that are running in my mind lately. I always think of opportunities that were not taken. I dream of moments that can never come back again. Thinking about things that could have to happen but unfortunately did not due to certain circumstances. I could have been a great doctor if my parents could afford to send me to medical school. It is always a dream of mine that I will forever cherish. I could have been a great politician if I had followed my grandfather’s footsteps. He always wanted me to become a politician one day.

He encourages me every time we met when I was young. He told me good stories and experiences that he had in his journey with politics. It is a shame that I did not pursue politics because I always considered my grandfather my hero. I often think a lot of the things that I regret and waste a lot of time in the process. It is what I assume that holds me back from continuing doing good things and accomplishing something in my life. I admit that I am a fool, I often do things that are unproductive and unnecessary like spending a lot of time playing video games. I also was hoping that someday my ex-girlfriend would forgive me for the mistakes that I made and the hard times that I caused her. She is a perfect girl, and I do not think that she deserved to be hurt a lot as i did to her.

Her name was Genevieve; i always loved her until now. But she would not take me back anymore. She is grown tired of me still causing her pain and messing her life up. At least that what she is always saying to me. Maybe she is right, the things that I have done to her are unforgivable. Maybe i was not the right man for her, and she deserves better. I know in my heart that I will never forget her. I will cherish our memories until I grow old. She was the first girl that captured my heart. I met her at the library when I was still in college.

She was studying along with her friends when I stumbled upon her notebook that she forgot. When i gave it back to her, I could remember her reaction. It was a precious moment. I did not know that the notebook has sentimental value for her. Only Reading escorts helped me to move on from her. My friends and families advice did not help me at all. Reading escorts from understood what I am goings through because they handle people like me a lot. Reading escorts give me the therapy that I really needed.


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