Beauty Trends – do they really work?

I can’t keep up with all of the latest beauty trends and I think that the Internet is to blame. It is a little bit like all of these fad diet that you find on the Internet these days. Do they actually work? I am not sure at all and as far as beauty is concerned, I am just going to do what is right for me. Working for charlotte action escorts can present you with certain beauty challenges. First of all you work very late at night, and that means that your skin does not see a lot of sun. Spending a lot of time indoors does not help either, and I keep complaining about my dry skin to my colleagues at London escorts.

One of the girls who work with me at London escorts thinks that she has come up with a solution to the problem. She says that eating two avocados per day will help with dry skin. Then we have the other crazy girl here at London escorts who makes up her own chemical peels using mandarins and papaya. I really don’t know which way to turn and think I will even give up asking my friends here at charlotte action escorts. Normally you will find that the simple things are the best, and I think that I will focus on using a good quality moisturizer and spending more time outside at the weekends.

The only thing is that the weather in London has been so terrible recently that I have not wanted to spend a lot of time outside when I have had a day off from London escorts. Like most of the other girls who work for our London escorts agency, I have been too worried about catching the flu or something much worse. As far as weight loss is concerned, I am not too worried about that. I really don’t think that I need to lose a lot of weight. I am one of the slimmest girls at our London escorts service and I do in general feel good about my body. Most gentlemen do like to see ladies with some meat on their bones anyway, and I am not sure that super skinny is super healthy. I think that you can easily lose too much weight and start to look a little bit drawn. Never mind, I am pretty sure that I look okay. It is not only beauty trends that can drive you mad.

Fashion trends can drive you stir crazy as well. I have long since given up on fashion trends and these days I only buy what suits me and my figure. None of the gentlemen I date at London escorts on a regular basis have complained at all, and I am pretty sure that they are happy with my looks. If I do get stuck, I often use a personal shopping service at one of the stores here in London. That seems to work for me. I do like looking smart at the end of the day, and if you do a lot of business dating, it is more important on focusing looking smart than anything else. For my make up… well as long as it is not blue eye shadow, I am happy.


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