Confidence Is The New Sexy

The age old question is still applicable today – what is attractive to the opposite sex? Sex appeal is not just about nice clothes or a rock-hard body. It is a head to toe, all encompassing, physical, mental and behavioral attraction.

It would be a lie to say looks do not matter, because they do. Some people will just attract others because of their natural assets, or looks alone. It’s a primal, instinctual response. It is only natural to assume the goal of adult dating is sex, so yeah, looks do matter. The idea of what looks attractive is changing though.

While the value of a nice outward appearance cannot be denied as a turn on for both sexes, the notion of a sexy outward appearance is debatable. Men don’t just go for stick-thin blondes with a D cup or higher. Men are attracted to women who are comfortable enough to laugh out loud and genuinely enjoy their company. Checking the mirror every five minutes is not sexy at all. It’s like wearing a sign that says “not comfortable in my own skin.” Most men want women who will tell them what they want, and laugh when something is funny. Confidence is the new sex appeal.

Women are attracted to men who are confident, but not intimidating. While many women don’t like to admit it, a gentleman is not always what they want. In today’s world, women are expected to be “on” all the time. Sometimes it’s a turn on not to be in charge of the decisions for once. Don’t ask where she wants to go to dinner. Instead tell her what time to be ready and take care of the rest yourself.

The same can be said for a male – male attraction. While a sexy, toned body is wonderful to look at, it’s confidence that usually wins in the end. After all, most of us are looking for someone we can have a conversation with, as well as getting between the sheets.

The lesson to take away from this: sex appeal is not all about looks. The confident, comfortable in his or her own skin is the new D cup/6-pack abs. If you look like you are trying too hard, you are. This is not going to be a turn on for any quality partner. Relax, be yourself and know that you are sexy.

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